We have just finished our 5-day revamp of the store (wahooo!) We even shut down the store, which in the retailing world is something of a no-no. In the big retail world you tweak and change things up overnight – you don’t actually close. That said, we closed, and the shop is now full to the brim with the new Spring/Summer 17 collection.

Before:after store revamp


We took over the larger store last June and as much as I loved it, things were niggling me. I think I suffer from something I can only describe as ‘not good enough syndrome’; where I constantly feel I could have done better, dug deeper, forged ahead further or pushed more boundaries.

Talking about pushing boundaries, I have just completed a huge trade show at the Spring Fair in Birmingham, somewhat energy sapping and perhaps the worst time to change things up. BUT hey, I needed to squeeze it in before Gem and I hotfoot it to Asia for the first of 3 trips in the next 8 weeks! Stay tuned for our pics on Instagram.


The majority of the collection is our own label, which I’m hugely proud of and our most comprehensive yet. Before I get onto the botanicals, I wanted to share my dabbles into the world of thick wooly rugs – the Benny Black is the perfect monochrome addition to any living space.  Or if you are looking to add some softer textures, sheepskin rugs are a great way to go. We have also introduced a number of swoon-worthy tables and the smartest hand-carved wooden cabinet (pictured above) to keep your clutter organised and tidied away. Not to mention this tempting leather chair – think glam meets boho chic.


The seasonal botanicals shout spring / summer – lots of blossoms, trailing fronds and foliage – showy yet humble. We have kept the colours fresh with blush rose pinks and rich plum peonies. Keeping with the spring / summer feeling we have mixed up the range of the plants to effortlessly create the number of textures and colours the season naturally brings.

I hope you love the new collection as much as I do, we haven’t played it safe – it’s the most individualist collection of pieces we’ve ever had – I’m calling it, lived in luxury.



Photography by Catherine Frawley