Mungo and Maud are off to some celebrity photo shoot this morning; they will soon be needing their own agent I reckon! It’s actually for the charity Dogs Trust, various well known people in their respected fields, actually their dogs, are all being photographed for charity.   I will post more about it in a little bit. Meanwhile I’ve got to get them bathed and brushed and out the house by 8! Just as well I got up at 5 right.

I was thinking yesterday, piling through all the new orders I’ve recently made for stock for the store what actually makes a home beautiful? Is it  amazing chandeliers, throws softly woven from merino wool, mouth blown glass vessels, hammered gold stools? Yes in a way but I also think a home is only really beautiful when yet get the personality of the people shining through. We only need to look at countless magazines to see very high end overly decorated houses feeling flat, sterile and super uptight.

So for me what truly makes a home beautiful is; faded rugs, art, zillions of books, some vintage pieces, flowers, plants, postcards from afar propped on a bookcase, bowls of fruit on the kitchen island.  Stuff, personal to you. Plus if you are clever a little sense of humour thrown in  to help things from getting too serious.

There you have it!


blk2Oh and remember the store is closed for the next few days, until Thursday. The boys are painting again today. I went in yesterday late to see plumish red walls, brown walls, green grey walls, black walls  and olive walls all hanging out together. Exciting. Well it will be when the floor goes from the pale horridness that it is now to inky sludgy greeny grey! Then I reckon magic will happen.  At least I hope so, I see it in my head its just how it actually translates in reality is the question of the day!