In the spirit of October refreshing, I’m in the go-getting, quick n’ easy makeover mood today. I wanted to start you off with a weekly revamp of dead simple, achievable tasks that will invigorate your whole pad.

So getting right into it: first up is living rooms. These are the rooms we spend most time in, and normally lavish with the most decorating attention. But I’m asking you today to give it a bit of a shake-up and rearrange the furniture. Even if you love your living room, a change is as good as a rest as they say, I’m switching mine up all the time. Do something a bit different, a bit bold. It’s so temporary – you just have to live with it for a few days and you’ll know whether it’s going to work or not. Not for you? No problem, just move it back.


My pad

Major thing to check is that you’re not committing the massive sin of having all the furniture jammed up against the walls. It’s my least favourite thing ever (ever, ever, ever), it just feels so cold and sterile, like a dentist’s waiting room. If you’ve got the space to pull the sofa away from the wall, you can put a console in behind it, and stack with plants, vases and artwork to create magical layers.

Even in a tiny room, floating something in the middle of the space will make it feel larger and so much more intriguing, I promise! Try a little side table, a floor lamp, cushion or pouffe even in the middle of the room. Or even just pull the sofas and chairs in a little so they sit on an angle instead of shoved right in the corner.

IKEA catalogue 2016

IKEA catalogue 2016

Or you could go a bit more radical. In IKEA’s 2016 catalogue they had a back-to-back sofa arrangement that could be wonderful for family rooms or larger open plan zones. I’ve even seen a large cabinet pulled away from the wall – the back was covered in a beautiful antique mirror so it was another decorating feature instead of an eyesore! There’s no reason not to take larger pieces away from the wall and treat them like another area to hang mirrors, artwork etc.

If the furniture is too straightforward and square you can read the room in a second and there’s no intrigue. Basically anything that creates a different visual and physical pathway through the room is where magic happens. So roll up your sleeves and get rearranging! Take before and after pics and let me know how you get on, I’ll be back with another revamp task tomorrow.