How did you get on with yesterday’s task? Living room looking a little fresher, a bit funkier, generally cooler? Great, today we’ll move on to the bedroom.

In bedrooms the bed is nearly always the largest piece of furniture, so it sets the tone for the whole room. The quickest way to transform the room is switching this up a bit – could be as simple as a new throw or gorgeous bedding, but today I’m asking you to rethink the headboard.

There are tons of things you can do here. In my pad I’ve actually got a really simple bedframe, so I’ve bagged the whole wall for a headboard effect. We clad it in reclaimed wood to make a statement feature, and it made the biggest difference to the whole space. However big or small, set yourself a headboard project for a total bedroom face-lift. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Kristian Septimius Krogh, from Bo Bedre

Think outside the box

Anything can make a great headboard – the Moroccan trays in the image at the top of this post are such a cool idea, but how about repurposing picture framesold doors, ceiling tiles, putting in a skinny shelf and stacking up books, just using books, hanging up a rug or a flag, or even using artwork and mirrors? The more you’re able to drop conventional ideas and think outside the box a bit, the cooler your space will be.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.52.07

Brent Bolthouse’s pad in COLOUR

Get cosy

Reupholster in a gorgeous fabric – animal print and faux furs are my current obsession, and would be so cosy and snug as a seasonal update. Depending on the type of headboard you can even get temporary slip covers made, so you can switch it up again come Spring.


Elsa Young, House & Garden

Go big

Use the whole wall – you can clad it like mine (wood, fabric, leathermaybe copper even?), create a wallpaper feature or maybe a chalkboard wall. The easiest trick in the book is to cheat it and draw or paint on your own headboard!



Quick ‘n’ easy

No time for a massive overhaul? No probs – the easiest transformation of all is just to sling a beautiful throw over your existing headboard. It could be a snuggly velvet, a nubbly knit in an intoxicating colour, a vintage Kantha… anything you love. Simple as!


So there you have it, a few of my suggestions. Let me know what you come up with for your pad, or any other cool headboard ideas you’ve come across. And don’t forget to take before and after pics, it makes all the difference when you’re trying to see a space come together. Happy revamping!