Hi guys, I hope your weekend projects went well! So far we’ve blitzed living rooms and bedrooms, created extra space and perked up our homes from the outside in. Ploughing right on with the weekly revamp, today it’s bathrooms.

These are so often the most neglected rooms in the house. I really think they’re the toughest to get right (I know mine is!). Even super cool pads tend to fall a bit flat when you get to the bathroom or loo. Functional, sterile, dull, dull as ditchwater. I think the quickest way to reset your thinking for a problem space is to decorate it as you would your living room. So in a bathroom that means accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.


Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu pad in COLOUR

So today, take a look at your bathroom and add something fun and beautiful to perk it up. This doesn’t have to mean a shopping trip – you can just switch it up with something you already own. You might ditch the shabby bathmat and go for a fab little rug, dot candles around the place, sweet little hand-blown glasses or magical t-light holders, add in plants, a favourite vase, artwork even.

In my bathroom I’ve got roughly hewn little wooden stools, tons of nubbly textured vases, marble platters to show off toiletries, scented candles, and oodles of plants, ferns and foliage. It’s a work in progress, but these touches are what keep the bathroom from driving me insane!

Wooster Olive interiors

My bathroom

Bathrooms can be such sleek, cold, impersonal spaces. As soon as you can bring in extra personal touches and chuck some conflicting textures into the mix, the room will come alive. I’m obsessed with baskets, they add the perfect rustic texture and are also really handy. Fill them to overflowing with faux greenery, upgrade your laundry basket or use them for stashing the spare towels and loo rolls.

Let me know what you’ve done to perk up your bathroom, or snap your accessory in-situ for us to see. Happy revamping!


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 13.11.27


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 13.11.48