I know we’re in the middle of summer and I’m about to begin banging on about sheepskins and fluffy textiles but hear me out for a sec. Even when the temperatures rise I’m not the kind of girl that gets rid of all my woollen rugs and textiles and swaps them out for something lighter. They look way too cool for that!

Sheepskins or anything fluffy for that matter look fabulous anywhere. Slung over furniture that’s seen better days, skimming floors, anywhere. Here are five favourite places I use them, although honestly there’s lots more too.


Fabulous draped over chairs

I do this over any hard chair, my plastic garden chairs, my concrete chair on the lower ground, my little chair in the cabin – fabulous!


Anchoring an occasional table

Sheepskins cosy up any room big or small so you can create the sweetest, most intimate little gathering by plopping under a table.



As a throw

I’ve slung one across my George Smith sofa for a casual loungy vibe and it works a treat.


Bedside cosiness

Often I’ll double them up and use one each side of the bed, or even draped over the end of the bed for that matter!


On Landings

Being pretty narrow they are perfect for any small landing or hallway come to that. Float one outside the bathroom or bedroom and it will instantly cosy it up.

Love (and Miss Maud loves them too!)