It’s an early one this morn. Yesterday a 4.30 start, today its 5, its  a crazy kind of week. Its garden shoot day today, the photography team get here at 7, (super nervous to have one of the coolest gardening mags come round) so in a min I need to get out there in the garden and wipe down the chairs, mop the cabin and tidy. Shame I can’t put the vac on at this hour, but I think the neighbours might have something to say about that!

There is something lovely about getting up in the half light with a house quietly snoozing. Here I sit with a fennel tea yabbering to you guys as the sun starts to rise. Feels peaceful and quiet before the craziness of the day.

Recently I wrote a blog post on how to revamp brown furniture, which you can easily find at fleas for next to nothing. This post is all about how to integrate brown furniture with sectional sofas without actually changing the colour. Scared? Don’t be I’m actually rather drawn to the odd mahogany, antique looking piece – super library esq. The trick with integrating such pieces into your existing scheme is as follows.

Add a hot hue

In order to modernise your ‘brown’ piece and make it super cool consider adding some hot shots of colour. For example big old shiny brown dining table set against dining chairs in some vibrant hue will stop the piece looking Victorian and grandma. Like I say a lot the most successful interiors create intrigue (no intrigue no cool space). Trust me on this!

Add a few more shots of brown

I’m not necessary talking furniture here I’m talking paint colour, or accessories like cushions, sheepskins, artwork it will help balance the room and not make it so disconnected!

Add something super contemporary

If you’ve got a console, side board, small table that’s brown and antique looking to knock it out of the park add something incredibly contemporary or crafty again it will create that tension that I am forever talking about!

Offset with amazing artwork

Team your antique looking piece with some snazzy artwork it will create an interesting juxtaposition and up the style ratings bringing your old fashioned piece bang up to date into the 21st century.

Give it a new function

I’ve used old consoles as impromptu desks, dining tables as floating desk even and I’ve seen mahogany units invented and revamped into bathroom sinks.

Anything goes in decorating these days – exciting times I reckon!