Apologies for yesterdays lack of a post, I totally overslept! Super rare for me, I’m blaming it on my hip which actually isn’t my hip. All my walking probs and then pain of last week were apparently caused by lazy glute muscles which had seized up! I’m under strict instructions not to overdo anything or take any exercise and I’ve got to go into rehab. Which as Gem says sounds super rock n roll until people ask you what for! Having lazy butt muscles and rehab does not sound cool!

Before I get into today’s post I want to thank my fabulous Design Class from Saturday. It was the last class of the year and everyone was so much fun so thank you guys.

Let’s talk entrance ways. Now we’re in December entrance ways will be getting a lot of use this holiday season, with endless comings and goings which is why they all need a bit of an upgrade for the holidays I reckon.

I don’t over-decorate my hallway or my house come to that with tons of holiday stuff because I can’t stand to remove anything that’s already there – I love it all so much (I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true). So I’ll pop posies of herbs in the hall, possibly upgrade the door mat, and up the ante with candles.

Even if you are not a big celebrator of the holidays or a Scrooge who likes to stay at home, there is nothing nicer than opening the door to a house that smells divine. Believe me with two dogs who are occasionally whiffy (especially if it’s rained) I am evangelical about scenting the home. My latest obsession is a new range of candles and scents we have just started stocking by Mad Et Len. These guys are the absolute bee’s knees when it comes to perfume. The whole team have been clustered around smelling them with big silly grins on our faces – they’re just that good.

All the candles are hand poured using vegetable wax, which has been infused with pure essential oils from Grasse. Not just that, the whole collection is packaged in what can only be described as handmade blackened iron containers so they look amazing as well as smelling amazing. The essential oils are like nothing I’ve smelt before; I’m not into florally feminine perfume (I guess in the same way that I’m not into decorating in that way either) so the scents are slightly more masculine and woodsy. I am especially enamored with their scented amber balls. These balls have the most intoxicating scent so that when you open the door it smells amazing, all without having to light a candle!

With your decorations and scent, then just drape some fairy lights over a mirror, add the odd lantern and there you have it. Scented, sparkly and glam. Nailed I reckon! I’ll be back with a Christmas tree decorating post later this week too.