What an amazing weekend of press. Daily Mail Friday, another 4 whopping pages in the Sunday Times yesterday plus a full page in the Telegraph’s Stella magazine. What’s more I’m on Radio 4 this lunch time talking about my book, Abigail Ahern Colour.  Amazing stuff, totally overwhelmed to the reaction, launching this Thursday I might add. Seems to be causing a bit of a stir which is so very exciting!

Also thank you to my fabulous Design Class on Saturday, I had a blast and met some lovely people.

Down to business. Today I thought I would talk about updating without actually spending much if anything! Sometimes we all get bored with our interiors right? Me also, normally brought on (for me at least) by a change in seasons whereby you feel like you want to inject something new or different to your space. Before going on a spending spree how about restyling what you have. I do this in the store all the time and you will be surprised how people think we’ve had a complete overall when all we’ve actually done is rotate a few pieces. Same goes with home I’ll rearrange vignettes, rotate around the flowers or plants, move paintings around, mirrors the odd chair even, take a rug from one floor to the next and before you know it without spending a penny I’ve got a whole new look!

If I’m bored with a certain nook or area I’ll drag everything out of the space and then look at it with fresh eyes and slowly but gradually put things back in situ. I say this a lot in my Design Classes, it may look like I’ve just throw an interior/mantle piece or shelf together in an instant but the truth of the matter is that I don’t. Many times things that I see in my head as working in reality don’t so I’ll pull things in take them out, tweak them here or there and the more you actually do it the easier it gets. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than revamping a room with what you have and not spending a dime!