Everyone who rocks up at my pad automatically says ‘it’s so you’, which constantly surprises me because of course its so me, I’ve designed or sourced every single little thing here. It’s funny because (and maybe I’m living in some strange world here) I don’t understand how you would decorate in any other way. I mean, I would never buy or design something that I don’t 100%, love.

The minute you do that, you will have created a cohesive beautiful look that reflects your personality. So, rather than figuring out how to add personality to your space, just go with your feelings and what you’re attracted too.

In a nutshell, I happen to be attracted to large mirrors, big chandeliers, heaps of texture, candles and of course, botanicals – not to mention dark colours. I never have to think about adding personality because I am only adding things that I totally and utterly love.

So, that’s how you up the personality stakes, you follow your heart, and your home will reflect what you and only you, love. Easy right?