Today I thought we should talk about cool, unexpected places to hang art. There’s nothing wrong with a great gallery wall, but here are a few more out of the box ideas. Art really is one of the most transforming things you can do to a space as it adds instant texture, enlivens or softens walls and adds immediate impact. Add it in an unexpected place and that little surprise just ups the oomph factor.

I generally don’t hang art over fireplaces (don’t ask me why) never actually really thought about that until I’m just talking to you guys. I tend to plump for mirrors and stick the large art on the large walls so there is more space around it I guess it feels more impactful. Or I like to embellish an empty corner with art propped out on an easel. Here are some of my other favourite out-of-the-box spots…



I haven’t tried this out yet, but this picture really caught my eye. Such a cool idea I’d love to give it a shot – perfect for a hallway or small room! What’s your verdict? Perhaps I could work it into my bathroom revamp plans? Hmm. Intrigued…



Any art above the door draws the eye up and makes the walls appear taller than they really are. Very clever!

IMG_4306 2


Large pieces command attention, not only that they anchor a room and make far more of an impact than smaller pieces ever could. With these I either like to hang them lower than expected (the middle of the picture should be dead at eye level for max impact) or right up by the ceiling to draw attention to architectural features or double height spaces.

Photo: Architectural Digest


Casually leaned art, propped just so, always looks cool. It’s a very insouciant look, so feel free to prop with abandom on shelves, console tables or even the floor.  And – sneaky top tip – I always like to lean art to cover ugly wires and sockets. The trick is to make it feel like a vignette and not just plonked, so make sure you layer around it. It will feel more curated that way.

23c0aa570dcc0f543bfe361b39690f60SHELVE IT

The American’s do this really well – we are a little more reticent over here I find. Hanging art on the outside of a bookcase is fab, I’ve done it and love it – it adds another dimension and layer. Or you can actually prop at the back of your shelves and have a low-lying stack of books or small ornament in front. Something casual, cool and layered but not so much to detract from the art.