A question I get asked a lot is how to create the most amazing, luxurious, personal spaces ever? Spaces that are so drool worthy that friends, family and yourself keep talking about them non-stop?

By doing exactly this I say:

Add pieces that make you instantly happy!

I’m talking art, mementos, cards, flowers – pieces that instantly cheer you up when you walk into a room. In my pad I’ve recently gone overboard on cacti and created the coziest den, so the minute I step down from my studio into the downstairs space I literally feel this urge to light a whole load of candles, get the fire going and chill. Being surrounded by pieces that you love makes you want to hunker down, snuggle up and chill.

Well-stocked tables

This sounds a bit hotel-ish but coffee tables and occasional tables with mags, a great book, a lamp, a posy of flowers, a carafe of water even, is all it takes to put you into instant comfort zone vibe. The more relaxed your space feels the more relaxed you feel. Simple as that.

Textures that beckon after diner lounging

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just overdosed on pud (apple crumble and ice cream I’m thinking, at the moment!) and you just want to lay out and watch a movie – it’s the snug textures on that sofa or chair that will beckon you in. The more slubby and softly woven the more enticing the fabric. I’ve got a mix of sheepskins, merino wool, cashmere and velvet in my spacce.  Fabulous for sofas especially if you happen to have leather ones which can appear a little cold.

Add drama

All rooms need drama, even the downstairs loo. Could be a paint colour, a cool chandelier, some sort of object. Could be a cushion, a cool rug, anything that draws the eye in and makes it want to do a somersault!

So that’s my ultimate decorating checklist. Back later with the biz column – this week we’re talking dreaming v doing!