The main perk of being a designer is getting to create beautiful homes for clients all over the world. You start off with a space looking blah and by weaving some magic and adding some pizazz you turn it into wow! How cool is that? And bedrooms are my favourite space to transform, you can make them a dreamy droolworthy space to hunker down in and relax.

When you actually break it down creating the perfect bedroom retreat doesn’t actually involve much interior design mastery (doing myself out of work here) nor does it involve oodles of cash. You need to figure out the vibe you want to create, then these are the pro tips to spruce it all up:



Luxurious fabrics will totally wake up the bed. Think faux fur cushions; metallic leathers, slubby linens, velvets and silks. Tactile fabrics will transform any bedroom into a beautiful, serene oasis.



Lots of different ways you can go here but something I do time and again is use supersized lamps either side of the bed. The minute you put something that is too large on something that is too small magic happens, and bonus points if you can mix lamps rather than match.

Another way to create instant drama is to suspend a super large chandelier slap bang in the middle of the room. I think people underestimate the impact of playing around with scale, but the bedroom is the perfect place to try it. The bed means there’s usually a lot of space for a big old pendant or chandelier, because you don’t need as much height in the room as you normally would.



I love chairs in bedrooms. We’ve recently added one to ours and it gives the space a completely different vibe. I like the feeling of having a nook which is hidden away from the busier areas of the house. It makes your bedroom a much cooler hang-out space. Upholstered benches like a X-bench or ottoman work equally well.



Feature walls suffer from a bad rep in designer circles. I think people are snooty about them, and they’re often looked down on as being rather first home-ish! I happen to love them in bedrooms, as they work like a giant headboard. The trick with any feature wall is to not let it be the only feature, you absolutely have to add other focal points into the mix – a large mirror say or plants to create further intrigue. Otherwise it can feel rather contrived.



I love artwork in bedrooms, I think it turns them into super stylish dens that you want to hunker down in and hang out in as well as sleep. The trick if you can stand for me to say it one more time is to go big! When I shot my last book in NYC one homeowner had painted a huge canvas black – simple as that. It looked like a Rothko, dark, moody but also almost luminous as it’s surface absorbed and reflected light!