Wowzers it’s hot. How often do I bang on about wanting to live in a hot country year round and then the heat hits and I’m like hmm maybe not. I wonder if there is a place where its a permanent 20 degrees with a breeze maybe a few puffy clouds, that would do me, 35 in London is a little to hot.

Lets talk about outside shall we seeing as it’s the only place to be right now, or in the pool where I’m shortly headed.  It’s super weird being knee-deep in Christmas and yet it’s boiling but that is the life of a retailer. You work a year in advance and on seasons that you’re not currently in.

I digress..

If you have a small garden, yippee. I love small gardens or balconies as they feel so cosy, and who says small can’t look beautiful. I would make the most of every inch of the space. Check out the balcony above. Bijou it is but it has a multitude of accessories and it’s reigned in colour palette keeps the sophistication level high without the space feel cluttered, overwhelming and a hot mess.

Folding furniture is great for a small space, since it collapses and gives you the option to transform it in a matter of minutes. Which goes to show you can create an oasis out of the smallest of spaces.

Another trick is to supersize your planters. I know that seems an odd thing to do in a garden or terrace or balcony with limited space but it will elevate it no end and make it look so much grander, just like inside right!

I don’t know about you guys but I want year round allure so adding as much greenery as poss is the way to go. If you have a balcony you’ve got the added bonus of placing planters on the floor and the walls/fence. Candles and lanterns are a must and remember you want things at different heights. Everything the same size and same height reads as a big yawn and super dull. Just like with inside we want to tantalise and bedazzled the eye so it really doesn’t know where to look. Not that I’m any kind of garden expert if anything it’s about trial and error and mine is coming a long a treat, if it weren’t to hot to plant that is!