I’m not a follower of trends I hate them. Pastels in one year, gold the next – bonkers. Home decor shouldn’t have a shelf life, or be so transient it should be more considered and thought about. I’ve never brought anything as a stopgap preferring instead to go without. When we first moved into this house after spending a ton renovating we literally had something like £800 to spend furnishing the one room we decided to focus on – the living room. Rather than running straight to Ikea I went to auction houses, searched eBay found nothing I loved until I happened upon a concrete chair. It caused my heart to skip a beat I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Totally impractical as only one of us could sit on it at a time and being concrete it wasn’t super comfy and boy did it cause a few maritables but there you go, worth every penny in my book! My point I here you ask – when you buy things that you love you will find that they have a longevity, you won’t want to get rid of them.  I still have my chair 13 years later and I love it just as much. I no longer sit on it as we now have comfy furniture but as a sculptural piece it’s so very beautiful.

Avoiding trends means that your pad is more than likely to have an individual feel. Now I’m not saying don’t buy into trends, if you happen to love that gold pendant buy it don’t think you can’t because its a hot trend.  If you love it you will love it after the trend passes, simple as that! The other thing with trends is that you will never be able to keep up with them. In one minute, out the next, oh wait a sec its in again. How do you ever keep up? You don’t!

My advice – don’t follow them, figure out instead your vibe. As a retailer I don’t look or think about the competition I don’t want it to shape how I buy. Firstly it wouldn’t be satisfying, secondly it’s unsustainable and thirdly why would I try to execute someone else’s checklist.

Colour and pattern are continually in or out, hot or not. Neutrals one month, high voltage brights the next.  Same with pattern aztec, tribal, chintz etc etc etc.


Don’t follow them I say just buy what you love!