Short little post from me, got knocked off my bike early this morn on the way back from the gym by a driver opening his door me going over the top of it and landing on my head which is throbbing away nicely. Oddly enough yesterday I said to Graham how I wish I could pull a sicky today and just hang out on the sofa as our little nook of a tv area looked so snug and cosy. Don’t wish for what you don’t really want I guess the saying goes!

Enough about me lets talk kitchens particularly industrial/modern ones. This trend has been around for a while  but I have to say I am a fan and whilst I might not go for the look in my pad (little more old Hollywood glam meets edgy east London this side of the woods) I can and do totally appreciate it. I think it’s the combination of textures – sleek contemporary meets slightly rough round the edges. Its alluring  particualry when mixed with those white modern hospital/subway tiles, vintage furniture and sharp looking faucets. Some images to inspire:

Beautiful,  the dark kitchen units add a  lovely note of glamour.

Its the play of textures that makes this look so intriguing – roughly hewn wood, super shiny floor just beautiful.

Adore the central unit stainless steel coupled with rough textured wood is a lovely interplay.