Yesterday was a mammoth one in store. New stock arrived including new flowers, foliage and furniture and it’s totally turned the space around. We haven’t photographed as yet but we will shortly. We had to close the store for the day as more and more stuff kept arriving and being warm we kept the door open and people kept stopping and gasping and commenting on it all which was lovely. It got me to thinking what is the trick for creating spaces that feel automatically inspiring so much so that your spirits automatically raise and you just want to hang out.  Is there a formula for that fairy dust magic that brings rooms alive making them feel aspirational, inspirational, and creative.

The good news yes there is so in no particular order…

Art: Art changes up the vibe of a room. I’m talking any kind of art, from big canvases to something you may have knocked up yourself. From magazine tears, prints, kids drawings, stuff by emerging designers, existing designers. Art in general. Two links below for some great art sites from and

Layering up of rugs: I spoke about this in more detail in a recent blog post but needless to say I am literally obsessed with rugs. These days we are all getting more confident with them layering one over the other, mixing up, matching even you name it. Put a rug in a space and you’ve instantly transformed it.

Logs: Nothing cozier than walking into a living room with a basket of logs I say. Now I’m not a country esq vibe type girl, I prefer my interiors to be a little more glam but in literally every room here there are baskets of logs. The vibe they send out is incredibly comforting. If you don’t have a fire than woven baskets are your answer as is a scented candle infused with wood smoke. Nailed! The slide show shows Ellen DeGeneres’s home in LA where logs abound. Nice!

Pattern: Patterns add personality and mixing them together is the easiest way to add interest to an interior. To avoid them from feeling bonkers just limit the colour palette it’s actually as simple as that!

Plants:Plants and flowers are key decorating elements for me. Any unused corner or empty shelf on goes a few blooms. They add a punch, soften elements, add life, and balance out your design. You should see the new stock of blooms. Amazing hydrangeas, peonies, delf, wintry blossom, eucalyptus I could go on but I fear you might get bored!