Morning, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. We had a moving stuff around kind of weekend. Anyone following me on Instagram would have seen lots of sneak peaks of our own label products arriving, including a fabulous sofa which we spent most of Saturday moving all over the house. That being the royal we since I’m not supposed to lift anything with the hip thing. I was going to put it by the dining table except we swapped out our round wooden table for an oval marble one and that changed the whole vibe of the room. The pendant which I’ve had forever looked way too small, the marble didn’t work where the round table used to be, on and on I could go. So now my new sofa (it should actually go to the store, seeing as we are supposed to be selling them but I can’t stand the thought of it so here is stays!) flanks the fireplace which has been a dream of mine forever. So I can retire downstairs on a comfy little sofa in front of the fire and snuggle the M’s and work. Nice!

I digress let’s talk flowers. With the holiday season virtually upon us I bet we are all snazzy-ing up our homes with flowers, fresh or faux. They are the simplest speediest way to inject glamour and beauty into your pad. I talk a bit about how to make them super cool in my design classes and for today’s post I thought I would concentrate on what to avoid when it comes to arranging them.

Never show the stems

Unless of course your flowers are twiggy like lilac or gelda. Anything else fat headed or otherwise should just topple over the vase because you want to create as much high impact out of them as possible. Stems should never be seen – one of our top tips for arranging flowers!

Avoid clear glass if you can

We are not lovers of clear class at AA, (shows the stems, distracts the eye) and therefore you lose some of the flowers impact so where possible we go for vases that are coloured in a cool hue, vibrant or sludgy. Reason being so you are not looking through them and seeing all those stems! Yuk. Or ceramic vessels in which case if the flowers are real I often times put a drinking bottle inside to hold the water.

Keep it simple

I can’t do what Gem does and artfully arrange a mixed bunch. Luckily for me I’ve got her to do that, but when she is not around I arrange in a single colour. They look super sophisticated and visually powerful.

Remove the leaves

If your flowers are real then remove anything leaf wise that falls beneath the waterline. Otherwise you’ll get bacterial build up which can prevent water from travelling up the stem to hydrate the flowers.

Always arrange in 3’s

Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye then even so cluster in bunches of 3’s, 6’s 9’s etc. far more beautiful!

Oh and finally the best foliage to use if you are creating a mixed bouquet yourself is euphorbia, eucalyptus, herbs, viburnum. We or I should say Gem creates flowers that are not overly neat so they look like they’ve just been picked from a meadow. Nothing too uptight and nothing too one-dimensional.

We’ve just received a huge delivery of winter faux’s and plants you can see more of them here and if you want Gem to create you a bouquet especially for the holidays, then do email the store.

Oh and a festive tip. If your table is long use lots of individual arrangements running down the centre. If it’s round or oval like mine go for something a bit bigger in the middle or cluster a group of little something in the middle and then run a circle of candles or t-lights around it. Nailed!