Morning, on a very hot morning in London at complete odds actually to the day Gem and I have ahead which is drilling down into Christmas big time. We have the hugest sample delivery coming in from China yikes, and we have big plans to change the back of the store. As we are now manufacturing our own faux’s we are in complete charge of the palette and the varieties so come fall except some big big changes on the flower front.  Cannot wait to show you guys we are shaking things up big time!

Down to biz before my crazy day commences. Assembling the final bits in a home is the fun part but it can also be super challenging.

Here are my ultimate go to tips to finishing a room, guaranteed to work!

Create balance. A room needs to feel harmonious when adding finishing touches (in my book at least) so keep your editing eye strong and pull out anything that feels too cluttered and little off. It’s not so much about symmetry.and things matching its more about the feel. I’m always wanting to go for a ‘calming’ vibe as this gives me my sophisticated look.

Choose a few star items. Everything should not stand out or nor should everything feel too bland so choose a few star items to delight the eye and ground the room. Some cool art, a fab sculpture, an amazing area rug that sort of thing.  All the other bits and bobs as beautiful as they may be should just quietly do their job. If everything shouted ta da your space would feel like a riot was going on which no one wants right.

Talking of quietly doing their job in my book cabinets and shelves should actually say very little. I mean this is personal obviously but I want them to fade into the background and not be painted in some funky hue because it will distract from the displays within. Unless of course that is vibe you are going for. In my world all shelves get painted out same colour as walls and anything storage-y is almost always dark to work in with my paint palette.It elevates the things that get  put on it!

Unite everything. Could be as simple as a reigned in colour palette or a pulled back collection of different shapes. The more you can simplify things the grander and more stunning the space will look!

Supersize! I say this a lot but I’m saying it again. Playing around with scale is key. It adds theatre, intrigue, drama and pizzazz. Playing around with scale is everything. Need I say more!