What does cosy mean to you? Thick quilts on beds, the roar of a log fire, cosy candlelit restaurants on winter evenings like those I stumbled upon in Stockholm that beckon you in, perhaps a reading nook overlooking the garden?


The theme I really want to dig into today is home. Odd you might think, as all I write about are interiors and home-y stuff but actually I want to go deeper than that. Home is becoming more and more important to me. My life is getting more and more crazy, this by the way isn’t necessarily a good thing, as it’s all feeling a little out of control. The biz is expanding and the opportunities coming in have me reeling with excitement, trepidation, fear, butterflies (a whole gamut of emotions). I’m finding it hard to keep up if I’m honest. As a result my home is the only place I feel rooted and relaxed. Like I mentioned a while back, the crazier my life the more obsessed I get in turning my pad and my stores into the comfiest places on the planet.

Photographer: Graham Atkins-Hughes

I am obsessed with creating cosy spaces, places that urge you to linger longer. Perfectly lit, never overly designed, not polished, perfect or cleaned to an inch of their lives. Homes should tell our story, your story. Creating a cozy pad has got nothing to do with the country you live in – be that a skyscraper in NYC on a low-slung abode in Byron Bay. It’s also got nothing to do with money. Obviously it helps if you have the budget to make your place more beautiful, but in my experience over the years the more moneyed the client the more uptight the look! It’s because those spaces try too hard – comforting, cosy, cosseting spaces shouldn’t try; they’re simply lived in, loved and effortless. Cosiness is not a finishing touch for my interiors – it’s built in from the beginning. You don’t do it at the end by simply softening an uptight sofa with a throw or chucking down a rug. Everything has to be about conjuring up that cocooning sense of home from the beginning.

I guess what I’m trying to say is in a rather rambling fashion is that if you want to create a truly cosy home, stop thinking about it from a design perspective and instead think of it more as feeling. Stop designing and instead start living. If you want to create the cosiest pad on the planet figure out how you want your home to make you feel, drill into that emotion. I want mine to feel like I’m wrapped in the softest cashmere blanket – it’s comfy but luxurious. So it’s not just about adding squishy textiles, roaring fires and log baskets, though obviously all of those things help! It’s a place where I can plod around in my PJ’s spooning almond butter from a jar, or plonk on my sofa-watching RHONY. It’s familiar, it’s non judgemental, it’s effortless and it’s mine. And I love it!