Morning all, if you’re on twitter you’ll see that I started today (as I start ever Monday!) with a bit of a motivational quote. This one from Mr Mario Testino, no less: “There is no use just liking what you do, get obsessed with it.” I couldn’t agree more. I was asked by a journalist last week how I keep the momentum up in my job and my hand on heart honest answer was that I’m obsessed with interiors. Always have been, always will be. I don’t need an excuse to wake up thinking about it and go to bed dreaming about it, because I would be anyway! That’s my obsession. Makes sense?

So whatever your obsession is – and I guess if you’re here then you’re probably a fan of interiors too! – just go with it. Find your niche and believe totally in what you do. Be a force to be reckoned with. Be the best you can possibly be in your field and always keep learning and stay inspired. If I have a conviction about something, if I am enthusiastic about something I try and get as many other people into it and passionate about it as me. That’s how the movement begins and continues to grow. Which brings us to the dark side…

My whole converting to the dark side campaign and seeing and hearing just how transformative it’s been for people is so amazing. I’m always keen to convert people! Actually I’m banging on about it again in an interview last week. It’s not some whim I’m not suddenly going to be converting to the lighter side (EVER), I’m obsessed and passionate about dark colours and will forever continue to be obsessed and passionate about them. It’s not just an interiors thing or even about the colours I gravitate towards – it’s about being brave and bold, staying true to yourself and not just following the crowd. Honestly it’s the biggest game-changer!

The most amazing thing is it’s not just me. Louise kindly posted a comment into the blog not so long ago, and said this: “We never for one second thought that painting our rooms black would end up being about SO much more than just the paint on the walls. It has made my family and I feel braver, bolder and more “kick-ass” in our approach to life and living and that as long as you take risks ANYTHING is possible. Cheers for being a total (kick-ass) maverick!!”

Amazing no? There is nothing better than hearing about other people who have taken the plunge and are loving it! So please please do write in/tweet/comment whatever and let me know about your own going to the dark side stories. I love hearing them and am actually playing with the idea of a regular before and after colour makeover post series on the blog. OK, I’ll step off my colour soapbox now, but before I go please check out the gorgeous dark rooms in the slideshow above. So inspirational. Also just before I go a little heads up Gem and I are off to Hong Kong this evening. We have a fairly intense work schedule zapping all over China visiting our factories and signing off AW16 as well as working on SS17. Forgive me if I am a little delayed in answering any questions on the blog – during the days I don’t even get a chance to look at my phone so any answering of questions will be done early in the morning or last thing at night. Of course I’ll try and keep up with Instagram – I say that every time just to warn and then the days get so long and crazy I’m crawling into bed late and scrambling out in the morning having slept through the alarm. Happy days!