You need these days to have an authoritative editorial voice if you want to stay on the top of your game in the retail industry. From videos to blogs to social, content sets your brand apart and has a direct effect on sales. Here are some tips:

Ask the audience and really engage. Get them to weigh into possible new product launches, (yay or nay), paint colour suggestions, a tweak of the logo anything and everything. Have a two-way conversation with them. We don’t just talk at our customers we talk to them and learn from them and listen to them.

Tap into other cultures. One of the reasons I love the blog so much is that I can tap into other cultures, travel, music, and food. It feels fluid, engaging and immediate. We do of course map out marketing strategies but on some of our feeds like Instagram they are completely run by me, never planned and shot from the hip. Oddly enough (or perhaps not oddly) it’s where I get the most comments and engagement.

Create a friendly voice and make your content actionable. Content isn’t really about selling in my book its about giving the user the power to go off apply the information you’ve imparted and up their style ratings. Help your readers do better in my case have cooler homes. I get such a kick from seeing pictures of transformations.

Yes it takes time creating content but it helps your brand create a lifestyle. If you’re not sure what content to create delve into your customers psyches – their passions, the food that they eat, current events. Through that you can create a specific culture and create thought-provoking digital content that brings people back. It’s all about creating a brand culture, you’re find customers aren’t just consumers they’re this incredible like-minded community of people that constantly inspire.