Who doesn’t want more out of their furnishings? Flexibility and versatility is one of the key things I look for, for exciting new items in my pad or a new collection. That’s why I’m always shopping for furniture and accessories that have a side hustle, which in the world of design translates to a use other than what’s intended.


I am a true admirer of the woven basket. Tall bins are total chameleons. Mine is currently used as a decorative planter for your home. They add instant texture and more layers than you can shake a stick at. They are also be a great way to organise umbrellas, wrapping paper or even store your loo roll in.


Wheels, multiple shelves and a handle means that a bar cart can take a spin in really any room of a house and find work. I love one in a kitchen as a coffee station, or to store your cookbooks on. I have mine in the kitchen to store all any extra water bottles or a faux plant or two.


I’ve said this a million times, never think a rug is something, which sits on the floor. Plop your cosy rug onto your sofa or stand alone chair to add instant boho chic. Heck! You can even drape it over your bed for more cosy vibes while you sleep, or to add a pop colour to a space.


Never underestimate the power of the armchair or dining chair. Again, chairs don’t always need to be used to seat guests – if you are short on space or cash, plop a chair by your bed to use as a bedside table.


I have faux plants and flowers everywhere in my pad – they are the ultimate home decor pieces that keep on giving. Add as much greenery and foliage as you can to your pad and your pad will aways seem fresh and new. Do you want a reed diffuser, candle, or oil diffuser? Laurel & Wolf offers the best reed diffuser, perfect to refresh your home!