More and more of us work from home and for those who don’t I know it sounds like the best thing ever but there are drawbacks. For instance just sometimes and its only occasionally sometimes I would love it to  just be my little family. No team, no comings and goings, no endless phones ringing just us and the bird family who live amongst the bay trees way out back. But then weigh that against having a studio away from home and it’s an instant no, I’m happier here. Also on days  when there’s occasionally no team in I’m super lazy. Yes I may be  showered and dressed but you more probably find me wearing (ready for this )a sweat shirt to my knees, any old jeans and gold ugg’s coupled with pulled back hair). Nice (not)! Also I miss that ‘oh its so nice to be home feeing’ because I’m here already, plus some days if I’m not on the dog run in the afternoon because of some crazy deadline I can literally not leave my desk for like 14 hrs. Then I crawl down the stairs put on my pjs and drink wine moaning on the sofa. See so many drawbacks!

Whether you’re working from home for long hours or short ones or you have a studio or office offsite I think its super important to make them as cool as you possibly somehow can. Marrying practical (ugg practical) and functional with chic and stylish is the way to go. How you may ask? Answers below and  some beautiful images from some amazingly creative people on the slide show including Jen Pinkston, Kelly Moore & Tamara Honey.  The thing that sets their studios apart are the details oh and I should say that all the images on the slide show are taken from Rue magazine who run regular fabulous features on inspirational offices.

Create zones

I’m talking about the importance of creating a  little nook away from the desk like a chair or stool where you can take a little down time; sip a coffee, flick through a mag, re-calibrate. It also adds a decorative note to a functional space.


To make your office feel less corporate and boring you’ve got to add personality to the space. Your personality. I do it through accessories, some of them are quirky and unexpected, others handcrafted and simply crafted. It’s a mix of pieces that I’ve picked up on travels that are personal and dear to and always lighten my heart whenever I walk through the door.

Mix old and new

I think when you start mixing contemporary with old a magic happens, spaces feel unique, personal, intriguing. I’ve been doing it for years and its one of the most transformative things you can do fuse different periods and styles together.

Add art the more oversized the better

You don’t need some pricey old canvas to make your home office feel grand, prints, photographs, kids renderings will do. Adding art to home office walls embellishes them transforming them into something more decorative and cool.

Just remember your surroundings totally effect how you work, your attitude, and your output. Mine makes me feel happy, inspired and ready to knuckle down! Talking of work I’m about to go into a 6am meeting. Wondering if we have all lost the plot!