This week is bonkers. I say that every week I know that but this one seems crazier than ever. I’m juggling Christmas and all the hassle (oops) joys of that, I’m signing off our own label Spring designs and figuring out the concept for our upcoming shoot – researching sand dunes and cabins in the woods and all things summer, while dealing with containers coming in by the dozen from China, not forgetting two stores that need attending to. Plus the blog and interviews around the world and parties to organise (you’re all invited)… more on that next week. It’s a little crazy! Maybe that’s why I’m talking headboards this morning. I secretly want to jump back into my bedroom and sleep another 4 hours. Not that that’s possible by the way – 5am week days or weekends, I’m awake anyway so don’t actually feel sorry for me!

Back to headboards, I need one, it’s such a defining detail in any bedroom don’t you think? Mine is kind of nondescript. I’ve got a cool wood clad feature wall but the headboard itself is metal so you can’t lean against it and read the papers or a novel. Not the most comfy! At the mo I have to stack a heap of cushions up, but I want something I can snuggle my back into so I need to start thinking about amping up the comfort level. You know how you walk into hotels and the bedroom just feels so darn relaxing – the lighting is perfect, the linen is perfect, the bed is deeply squishy, the headboard is sumptuous – well that’s what I’m going for. Or planning to go for. I’m nearly there with the bedroom just not quite there yet and I’ve neglected it for so long but I can dream right! If you have any suggestions more than happy to hear, remember it’s going against a wooden quite rustic wall so I was thinking something quite luxe and a little plush for the contrast.

“In life every great achievement was once a dream”

A little too deep for this time of the morning perhaps, but that’s what I’m feeling! I can’t even recall who said it but here’s to dreaming.

Image from Real Living Australia. If you don’t subscribe already do because its fab-u-lous!