Thought we should talk about hallways to kick today off. Always, repeat always the most neglected rooms in the house in my opinion and yet they set the tone and should of course be as beautiful (if not more!) as any other room. I guess because they are such transitional areas where we always rush through we don’t really have time to think about them. To transform and add the wow factor is pretty easy though. In a small space you can afford to push boundaries and take risks so of course I am going to recommend you play with wallpaper or paint. Colour is the easiest thing you can do to take your space from drab to fab.

In my hallway I plumped for dark of course, but as I’m always emphasising colour is so personal, so this isn’t right for everyone. How about burnt orange, teals, pinks or hazard yellow, anyone? Rooms heavily punctuated with bold shots leap out at you, and ooze confidence! You need to believe in yourself to start dabbling with brights. But, trust me, any room can take bold gestures and a few shots of vivid. Even better if that room happens to be small because bold hues automatically make tiny spaces feel cooler and edgier than they really are. Clever that! It’s a trick I use all the time. Bright hues distract the eye, so rather than noticing the size of a room, you only focus on how stylish it feels. If you want to break out an unexpected colour palette, the hallway is the place to do it.

I would like to challenge you to think about these spaces differently and decorate them as you would your living room. I can almost bet you have some intoxicating, colourful artwork or accessories in your living room, so why not here? Enjoy the slideshow pics to add a jolt of colour to your day.

Who knows, it might even inspire you to turn your entryway into a space filled with colour, or just to be more daring in general. The bolder the better, I say! Let’s all follow in Karen’s footsteps and make our decorating mantra for 2016: “Be more adventurous.” Personally I’m busting out new shades (very different for me!), the coolest textures I’ve ever found, and rapidly developing a camo obsession. I’ll give you guys the full low-down on how that’s going later. Happy Thursday everyone.