Crazy busy day in the store yesterday but its looking good. New flowers, new accessories like super cool ceramic cactus and concrete planters and new paintings, and a whole host of other stuff I love how it’s looking right now. Literally every week new products are arriving and I love it! Winging all the way over here from Italy right now are the most stop in your tracks, heart skips a beat mirrors. To die for, cannot wait to show you guys. Oh and more plants are arriving soon we have literally sold out of most things in I think its been only 3 weeks, even before I managed to grab a few of the big ones for my pad!

Today lets talk about outside, because its spring and its sunny and everything is blossoming. I happen to think (don’t know about you guys) that there is rather a disconnect between indoor and outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is always so dull, or too bright and studenty looking there is the biggest gap in the market. So I’ve had to improvise, I spend half my time travelling for buying you would think I would be able to find something right? Wrong, so I improvise. I use blocks of wood and or apple crates as coffee tables; I take sheepskins outside and plonk on chairs in the spring months so we can sit out longer. I light the garden with candlelight, I have even (don’t tell anyone) taken some of our faux foliage and strung it over a wire hanging across the terrace so it looks green and full and beautiful.

I’ve transformed the garden from being super boring everything planted at the sides type scenario to a secret garden so when you look at if from the terrace you can’t see in front of you, just like I design my rooms. You can’t walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other and now you can’t do it outside either. Creates a far more magical intriguing space as opposed to a doctor’s waiting room lined up like sardines feel. Simple tricks. I restrained the colour palette varying types of greens obviously that stay green all year round punctuated by lilac tones, some pinks and the odd bit of white from the flowering jasmine in the summer to the germaniums in big urns.

An image to inspire, now I just need the lake!