Decorating is fun, addictive and  keeps you on your toes, I don’t think you ever really stop,  homes constantly evolve. Take here for example I find it’s an on going process forever changing . Not in big ways, OK yes I have just changed the whole paint palette but that happens rarely say every 4 or 5 years. It changes more in  subtle ways, a new lamp might throw off a corner which then needs tweaking, or I might change the position of a rug a chair to change things up. The worst thing you can be is indecisive, and sit on the fence when it comes to decisions big or small. I can’t tell you how many times I get asked about converting to the dark side. Will it work, does it matter if the house is small, facing north, on the coast, in a hot climate etc. etc.

Try it, try different stuff.

Paint walls a different hue, leave your comfort zone because being afraid to try something new like painting walls dark or pushing furniture around will leave you with a space that is just blah. Colour, texture and shape totally change up a space. OK so maybe its easier for me I have a store that continually has to evolve and change and therefore I have no problem trying new stuff, but I tell you something even I sometimes berate myself for sitting on the fence about a decorating decision because of the fear that it won’t work. For years I didn’t want to make the bedroom smaller but putting up a fake wall for a closet.  I stupidly thought but its a big room I shouldn’t make it smaller! A big room that didn’t ever work.  Rather than just getting on with it and doing it I sat on the fence. The only way to be truly successful in anything is to take a leap. Trust me my business didn’t take off until I stopped playing it safe worrying about would I appeal to everyone and anyone and started buying only things I would have at home. I  took the hugest leap, and yes I did alienate some customers, my look doesn’t appeal to everyone its not generic but then I figured out I didn’t want to have a generic store as a business. I wanted a store that makes your heart skip a beat, that makes you think differently about design.

Take a leap it is the only way to be successful. Promise! Push your interiors not to be gimmicky or crazy but  express yourself and decorate just for you. The minute you start thinking about what the neighbours or family might think. STOP. Push those thoughts out of your head and continue on. The results will be electrifying I promise!

Oh and I must let you know that my beautiful flocked bison head has just gone online into Debenhams. I know we’ve got a list of people wanting to be notified  on this so he is in. The best  news – he can also be shipped internationally. Yay hay to that.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Deb_008_0229 copy

Oh and these little guys have just gone is as well. Penguins:


Just before I go I wanted to thank everyone who has brought my latest spring/summer range for Debenhams we have been overwhelmed again at the response. Last week the sales on the lamps went crazy, crazy so thank you to everyone who has brought. We have been flooded with requests from  stores internationally who want to take the range which of course isn’t possible as this is exclusive to Debenhams but thank you to everyone for buying and for the interest. I am flattered, delighted and if I am honest a little overwhelmed.

Happy Thursday I’m going to hit the gym – nothing happy about that!