With sales everywhere at the moment  – high street and online – and prices being slashed left, right and centre, it can be way too easy to get caught up in a bit of a spending frenzy in January. Instead of beautiful new things for your home, you just end up with a ton of things you don’t really love or need just because they were a “bargain”. Well here’s what to bear in mind to navigate the sales properly – how to ignore the unnecessary buys, stay true to your own style, and figure out what you really need for a home revamp in 2016.



First golden rule (in life as well as shopping actually!) is to stick to your guns with your own sense of style. It doesn’t matter if that mirror is 99.99999% off – if it’s not your style, it won’t make you happy in your home. I know this is easier said than done sometimes. I get asked to describe my style all the time and it’s actually pretty hard to define. It doesn’t so much follow a strict style like boho or glam it’s more a feeling or a mood– it’s an enveloping combo of louche and laidback if that makes any kind of sense what so ever. When you walk through the door, I want my interiors to leave people a little confused and a lot intrigued – in a good way, like a detective novel. You can’t quite put your finger on one style or era. I know this sounds odd but it’s never been about a particular style for me it’s more about a feeling, and I always know it when I see it!

STYLED by Emily Henderson, photography by David Tsay

I recently read a great tip from Emily Henderson in her new book, STYLED – she recommends pinning down just three words to describe your interior, and then making sure that everything you add fits with these. So maybe you want your bedroom to feel enticing, glamorous and soothing. Or your hallway to be dramatic, edgy and cool. Find your own style mantra, and you’re a lot less likely to end up with weird misfit impulse buys!

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