I get asked quite a bit about walls. What’s the best treatment, paint, wallpaper, brick? There isn’t a right answer. I’ve got all three, wallpaper in the lower ground floor (although I am thinking of removing it), brick also in the lower ground floor and paint. It’s funny because thinking about it in big open spaces like my lower ground I always intuitively want to warm them up as in apply a treatment to walls that has texture. I say this all the time but as soon as you give me a big open plan space I have a tendency to want to turn it into lots of little snug spaces rather than a cavernous thing. Anyways I digress, what you do to your walls effects your whole interior, often times it influences the whole scheme so here are some ideas:


Always my number one go to treatment and always dark, and also always matte so no sheen. That way your walls look like velvet has been applied.  The minute I start preaching about pale interiors lock me up I say!


I tend to do things back to front like damp proof walls and then think um I wish I had sandblasted back to brick. Then I spend months finding the right sort of brick to put over the newly plastered walls (divorce inducing) but now we’ve done it I LOVE! Exposed brick has such a tactile textural interest that you barely have to embellish. All I’ve done with mine is put a giant size flocked floor lamp in front which highlights my brick and way to go! When I did mine there were hardly any brick veneers out there and now there zillions are so you don’t have to go to the expense and mess that we went through.


I am obsessed with fabric rather than wallpaper and am now putting my faux pony skin on my wardrobe doors and the door of the loo!  Only problem being with the loo door  the lock looks terrible so I’ve taken it off (sorry in advance to all my classes on Friday and Saturday)! Don’t worry I will have a plan by then like maybe we have to sing inside! Anyways the benefits far out weigh the downside because it adds warmth and snugness to a room. Fab for rooms with little architectural interest or needing a bit of a jolt of intrigue like bedrooms and studies.


Tadelakt is a waterproof plaster, looks a bit like concrete as its seamlessly applied but has the most beautiful depth and colour variation. Originally fashioned from lime specific to Marrakech it’s honed, smooth and has a marble like surface with a satin sheen. Beautiful

Time to make those walls stylish I reckon!