In my career I’ve taken a lot of risks and broken a lot of rules. Not I might add intentionally, it’s just often times my intuition has led me down such a path. I’ve done it with my business and I’ve done it with my designs and I honestly believe it’s one of the reasons that we have become as successful as we are.

We are all too held back with rules and following them. When you decorate in an eclectic fashion you will be taking more risks than others and therefore you will be making the odd mistake. That’s fine, just don’t let the mistakes put you off. What happens as a result is that it leads you to create something far more wondrous than you ever imagined. Here’s a few of my secret tricks:



I’m inspired by travel, magazines, newspapers, walks in the park and I’ve learnt to keep an open mind at all times. I honestly think that this approach has led me down this very eclectic route where I’m mixing tribal pieces with cowboy, glamour with boho. Don’t put barriers up – be as open minded as you can.


Abigail Ahern cactus collection


Stroll round my pad and you will find plants (the faux kind) everywhere and anywhere. It’s made the rooms so much cooler and I can’t ever imagine being without them. They’re in hallways, consoles, outside by the cabin – game changers I call them!



Think coffee tables, occasional tables, mirrors it will break up all those straight lines in your rooms and look and feel way more inviting. Interiors aren’t like fashion we don’t give our rooms a complete overhaul each season but a few new tricks like these will totally transform it. The odd vase, bunch of blooms or art will instantly add some zing and change it up.

Wooster Olive interiors


A jumbo vase, print, super sized ottoman, massive chandelier or rug, you name it. Such giant pieces will anchor your space making it feel far cooler. I know by the way that I bang on about this a lot but it really is such a game changer and so many people are scared of it, thinking it will look silly or out of context. It won’t and it doesn’t – it gives your room an amazing vibe and transforms it to the next level. Bingo!