The Australians have this great term ‘sticky- beak’, which basically means being nosy. I like nothing beater than nosing into other people’s houses via magazines of course, I don’t for the record just knock on the door and demand a tour! One of the many reasons I am so obsessed with interiors is the constant inspiration it gives me that fires up an idea or a plan.  Now I should say there is little point in copying, Firstly when you tiptoe down a path previously walked by someone else you can pretty much always tell, it never feels quite right it’s always missing a beat. The reason because it doesn’t feel like you. That is what separates a good designer from a bad one because whilst we all have our distinctive voices we have to make our clients homes feel like our clients homes and not a carbon copy of our own, no fun in that!

However taking inspiration or sticking beaking is essential and you can get inspiration from everywhere; from stores, hotels, gardens and other people’s houses as it expands your horizons taking your mind to new heights. You don’t need to travel, although I should say travelling for me generally throws up my most creative ideas not purely because I am in a new inspiring country but rather I’m out of the city, away from the studio my mind is more open, relaxed and ready to think differently.

With that in mind Casa Sugar recently ran a feature on celebrity kitchens and I thought it might be fun to share. All these guys have money, a lot of it and a Rolodex of top-notch designers at their beck and call, so it’s interesting to see what they have done.

Lets start with Cameron Diaz, Cameron’s kitchen was designed by Kelly Wearstler and features unlaquered brass splash backs and counter tops with vibrant green cabinetry. Super glam, super sophisticated.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Possi’s kitchen is totally different way more laid back and casual. Mid century hangs out with rustic.


Finally Ginnifer Goodwin has a glam kitchen that rocks a Persian rug, patterned wallpaper and glossy black trim.


So for me I’m inspired by Ellen’s laid back rustic vibe, coupled with Ginnifer’s super glam kitchen with a bit of a tribal thrown in perhaps (love her rug), and then finished off with some of Cameron’s brass. All that from three rooms and we haven’t even left our desks!