Wallpapering stairs risers is the easiest way to introduce pattern to your hallway.  It’s super cheap it adds instant pizzazz and if you get bored you can return back to the originals pretty easily. Stairs I find are pretty neglected but this kind of DIY,  the lazy type that you can undertake on a relaxed Sunday afternoon is the DIY I love. Bold, impactful little effort.

I personally want to add a punch by being quite adventurous with the pattern, otherwise it’s not that  much different from using paint. For a real wow factor go for hand-blocked papers they have far more depth and will look more painterly than mass-produced papers. To take it a step further add other pops through accessories or rugs.

Needless to say make sure the wood is first sanded and primed this allows the adhesive from the glue to work. Then you’ll need a good quality varnish to go over the top and protect the paper and then you’re pretty much done. Easy no?