Yep you don’t need to go to design school anymore (doing myself out of a job here) or read books on the subject, Instagram has all the answers when it comes to teaching us how to decorate. Seems like everyone is a fan of the gram these days from bigwigs to celebs, from taste makers, to chefs, to school teachers just about everybody. Why?  Well I’m guessing we’re all drawn to those  intimate shadowy, snapshots of real life, all painterly and Vermeer ish. Corners blur into shadows and thus have more depth, rooms feel more saturated, warmer, more comforting even which brings me beautifully onto my point…

Instagram can teach us to decorate!

Say What!

It totally can here is how!

Filter Manipulation

With Instagram you can up the interest of your pic through filters. Technically these filters are reducing the number of colours in your shot and adjusting the amount of dark and light. Consciously or subconsciously what’s happening is that you’re getting emotionally involved with the filtered images because they are telling a story, drawing you in almost. It’s super powerful! Lets apply the same principles and  decorate just like this.  Take the number of colours down in a room (no more than a few ballsy type hues) and then accent with some dark or light contrasts or both. How easy is that? And if you want the coolest pad on the planet  go dark with your walls (here she goes again I here you cry)!

Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift on Instagram allows you to selectively focus on certain areas of the photo so it will give the appearance of an altered depth of field. Do the very same thing when decorating. Layer up your pad so you’re eye doesn’t instantly know where to look. Then throw in a few focal points. Focal points that will make your eye zoom in out and dart around so it’s instantly tantalising.The trick as I say all the time is not to have one focal point but  a few, it will confuse but simultaneously tantalize the eye and that is when the room reads as intriguing. Simple no!

Lux effect

If you hit the sun icon (lower left of the edit screen) you can apply a lux effect, which enriches the hues in your images. Nice!  To apply this effect at home add colour through accessories and remember to up the saturation level. Ditch wishy-washy hues instead think full on inky, swampy or bright shots that take your breath away. Instant personality

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Exciting see you in a bit.