Back from Paris from our 3 day exhausting buying weekend.  Elated, we’ve found some amazing things for the store but way over budget but there you go. Gem and I kept adding the very same things for our house. Wait till you see these rock chic throws our jaw’s literally hit the floor and of course we had to add on a couple for own pads hence the budget going over!

I would love to take the day off today, sun is out, summer is still in the air but the schedule doesn’t allow. The only bit of relaxation I have insisted on is that no-one is in the house today (team are kindly elsewhere) apart from our lovely cleaner so I can plod and work my crazy hours in track suit bottoms with scragged back hair. Nice!

Talking of relaxation I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t had a holiday this year (or last if the truth be told). Yes I’ve travelled frequently , Paris numerous times, Frankfurt, India, China, NYC,  LA it’s been a bit of a whirlwind in the last six months to say the least but they are all work trips. As much as I fancy hopping somewhere hot to unwind for a week I hate leaving the M’s and I’ve been on enough planes to last me a lifetime of late so I’ve decided sometime in October I’m going to be getting a bit of R&R at home!

All normal routines will be stopped (easier said than done) and in no particular order I plan on doing the following:

Making the most of outdoors.

Slow cooked lunches on the big green egg in our outdoor kitchen are on the agenda. A fire in the outside hearth a soup simmering on the Dutch oven a bit of wood chopping (I’m dreaming now we have logs pre-chopped delivered) clearing up of leaves, making fig jam (we have so many figs but both G and hate them) that kind of thing is on the agenda. Plus lots of strolls through the Royal parks

Cosyifying the bedroom

Now I’ve sourced this most amazing rock chic throw its going to totally change up the vibe of the bedroom I reckon. I’ll add some additional cushions some scented rocks (cannot wait to tell you about those) things that make me laze around in bed, which I can never do but that is the plan. Throw in some good novels, and magazines and I might never leave the room.

Signing up for new stuff

I never do this, take a class, join a book group, learn something new, attend a lecture. What makes holidays fun is that you’re always discovering something new so I figured on my staycation I would try and do something similar! Any suggestions greatly received!

Fancify the water

Something I don’t do enough is fancify my drinking water, infusing it with lemon, lime, sprigs of herbs, ginger even – super holidayish.

 Autumn clean the house

From top to bottom, lavender essence on the floors, cobwebs banished, tables looking polished, dog prints mopped up and hovered rugs shaken and yes it may not sound so much of a a holiday but I like the feeling of a freshly cleaned house!

If you guys have any other tips let me know x