I have been a lover of Commercial concrete forever. Selecting a poured concrete floor for my whole ground floor was the first decorating decision I made. That was 18 or so years ago and I’ve loved it ever since – more so actually, as it’s aged.

I’m a little Ace obsessed at the moment. I’m staying in both their hotels in NYC and LA this week and very recently had lunch at their recently opened one in Shoreditch.

On walking through the lobby I happened upon a really cool coffee table crafted from cinder/concrete blocks.  Super cool thought I, came home goggled them and found a whole host of genius ideas on how people have turned them into some fantastic things from coffee tables to outdoor planters to benches. Low cost, they rock an industrial modern vibe and I’m becoming quite a fan! See the mood board for inspiration! Don’t know about you guys but I’m thinking of implementing some of these ideas at home!