Back from Frankfurt, we found not as many things as I would have liked but strangely enough an idea for the business arose as a result of it which could be incredibly exciting if it works out. Early days so I won’t go into it just yet, but there you go, you think life is going in one direction and suddenly a trip to Germany takes it on a whole different  crazy course.

I thought this morning when I should be at the gym working out I would stay here instead and write about simple tricks. I have zero energy for the gym and am so tired with the trip and this new idea invading my head space that a morning in the studio with a fire is exactly what the doctor ordered.

So lets talk tricks, simple tricks that you can implement in a day. Sometimes we all need something to work pretty darn quickly in order to give us the confidence to continue. Take my hall for instance now top to bottom reddish blackish plum – who would have thought it! Taken to a new level of coolnesss since I brought a rug from Anthro! So below are a few fast changes easily implemented in half a day or less:

Re hang your artwork, I dismantled my small gallery wall in the hallway not so long ago and repositioned all the art around the house. I’ve hung it higher and lower than the norm and its fabulous. When you hang art in unusual places  like Angel Dormer has done above the door. (below) it extends the eye level and makes rooms appear taller than they really are. Clever no?

AngelDormer001_ 0011How about papering something like the back of your shelves in something fun like faux snakeskin or crocodile it will take them to a new level! I was looking on pinterest not so long ago and came across this:


An eco friendly alternative to leather. Paper sheets in snakeskin, croc, python, leather you name it. Apparently high in gloss they are scratch and moisture resistant. It’s on my to do list to find out who sells them. Perfect as a splash back I’m thinking for both my kitchen and bathroom.

Paint cheap old brown furniture the same colour as your walls. I’ve just done this to a console and mirror that I’ve had forever. Once sprayed tomato red they now echo the colour on the walls in the hall. It’s odd because I’ve loved these two items as red forever but they just weren’t working with the new paint.   I figured out as my tastes are changing I no longer want big colourful statement pieces shouting ta da everywhere you turn. I want statement pieces but now subtler in hue which reads as more sophisticated and glam rather than quirky.  I still love bold colour just in smaller subtler ways.

Odd no how I’m changing. The new paint palette has done that its taken my house to a level I wouldn’t have thought possible. It’s made me look at things in a totally different light but  I’m rambling right? OK I’m outta here. See you tomorrow x