Morning, I’ve woken up to a ton of sign ups for our new AA VIP club which is super exciting! Thank you to everyone who has joined we have some fabulous offers and things happening on that front.

I thought this morning before heading off for an early outdoor swim I would reveal some insider secrets. Many designers keep such things to themselves  but I happen to think some secrets are for sharing, especially these ones which elevate spaces to new heights. You can make or break a room with the following tricks:

Abbi018_0382  Abbi005_0112   Abbi019_0398

1. Embrace the colour wheel.

I know this sounds super technical but if you are in a conundrum with your colour choices and you don’t know what might go with what quickly Google the colour wheel. Plump for a colour you love, and know that the colour opposite will always go. Like inky blues with burnt orange, yellows and tans. This immediately takes the pressure off, takes the thinking out!



2. Keep all the functional stuff in a neutral palette

Speakers, toasters, appliances for me I want these hidden away as much as possible! I always stay neutral as I never want the eye going to them and then they sort of fade into the background. I save the colour for the cooler pieces. It’s the simplest trick out there but one of the best!


Abi_Collections AW14-10 cactus Abbi006_0143

3. The 80/20 rule

Lots of designers have this rule in the back of their heads when decorating a space. In that if you make 80% of your space make sense and feel cohesive you can then push the remaining 20% and go a little crazy. This will give you a totally unique vibe without being too bonkers. Any more than 20% and your pad could fall victim to looking too silly, any less and you barely notice. It’s a simple little trick that I use time and time again. More intuition than anything else but it stops things from looking boring. If you’ve been following us for a while you will notice how the collection has changed, 6 years ago it was uber quirky with animals everywhere and now its a lot more restrained, glam and pulled back. It now reflects exactly how I feel a little more grown up, sophisticated, edgy and cool as opposed to funky. But I’ve still got that 20%…



4. Puddle your curtains

When you get your curtains to puddle or graze the floor your scheme will automatically look far more expensive. Never go too short. A bit like short sleeve shirts on men, it’s far more classy to roll up the sleeves (now I am sounding like my father who has never been seen in a short sleeved shirt in his life) than sport one with short sleeves!



5. Get personal

If you haven’t got an art collection together worry not. Grouping smaller pieces together I’m talking a little heap of books, flowers, candles etc. has just as much impact and creates instant intrigue!

Clever little tricks no?