This warm weather makes me want to sling upon all the doors and make some little changes to the decor. Nothing major but by just replacing say more wintery looking flowers with spring blossom or foliage makes the hugest difference. Adding a colourful accessory to a mantle turns it around, its that illusion of something new that makes the room feel fresh exactly what is needed for spring I feel. I’m not into pastels so there are no wishy washy spring colours that you see everywhere else going on. I’m more into shots of intoxicating colour.

Check these out! We’ve just gotten these amazing ceramic cactus vases in:


Look how cool they look on the mantle in the store, love that shot of green!


Simple touches like adding a mirror to  a wall or a piece of art to a table or wall, like our latest art below from the fabulous Russell Lewis:


5 minute touches – I’m constantly thinking do the walls need more art, does that coffee table need a bowl or  a little heap of t-lights, could the bedside use some flowers? My favourite trick (its a bit obvious) is flowers and plants they totally change up the vibe. Cushions change up sofas and chairs although I’m funny about swapping out cushions because although mine are merino and super wintery I can’t stand to put them away for winter so they just hang out all year long. Neither do I remove all the rugs going back to bare floors would send me running for the hills I reckon!  I’m more of a change up the pots and flowers type girl .

I’m noticing a green theme with all our new products funnily enough hadn’t thought about that before. Spring is most certainly in the air!

Have a lovely weekend x