Let’s talk kitchens – mine is  the command centre of my pad, the hub of my home. The image below is actually a little outdated since it doesn’t look like this anymore but hey its hard to keep up sometimes (and we’re going for a new shoot soon, promise!). For me, the kitchen is not just for cooking and eating but my main hangout space. I love pottering around in it over the weekend, or unwinding after a long working day. I need the space to feel loved, and to look and feel as cool as every other room in the house. Bottom line is although kitchens do have to be practical, I want mine to be magical as well!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.23.01

Colour is the easiest way to turn kitchens (or indeed any room) around. Pick up a paintbrush and literally in half a day you can go from drab to fab, or instantaneously transform the space with accessories or artwork in off-radar hues. People often seemed to get stuck in a colour rut for kitchens for some reason, opting for the same old subdued palette of pale neutrals. I’m in the “dare to be different” decorating camp. I’m evangelical about intoxicating, lavish colour – not to be gimmicky or quirky but because it’s the biggest game changer I know. Think outside the box and experiment by pulling in hues that you would normally reserve for other rooms. In my pad I’ve got Crosby for softly smokey dark brown walls and black cabinets, but there are so many other ways you can go. How about grey and rose madder, or charcoal and tan, blue with grey, gold with forest green? So many choices!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.20.08

You don’t have to stick with applying colour to walls either. I’ve seen the most beautiful hammered gold doors in a Parisien Left Bank apartment, or the tiniest galley kitchen painted inky black with a bold pink table. Just off of Melrose Ave in LA there’s another bijou kitchen with a surprise tomato red hue inside the cabinets. Stunning! I shot them all for COLOUR, like a compulsive collector – other people collect stamps, I collect cool rooms. Nothing wrong with that.

Accessories are another great way to add colour. How about lamps on counters, low hanging chandeliers over the island, mirrors, and oodles of plants and greenery, all of which add interesting layers of colour. How about bringing a coloured table lamp or flea market art find into the kitchen? Or juxtapose a beaten up wooden table with bright chairs in a bold yellow or orange hue?


Colour is so personal and we all gravitate towards different shades. My advice would be quite simply go with what makes you happy – the colours that give you an emotional tug, make your heart skip a beat, and plaster a big old smile on your face. There is such a movement these days for creating kitchens that are warm and inviting, making them cool hang out places in their own right. For me, colour is essential for this! It can excite, inspire, tantalise and so much more. Embrace it and it will give you a kitchen and a home that you never want to leave. Promise!