Revamp day. I’m just about to leave to the store (its closed today btw) as Gem and I are doing a massive change around, exciting stuff. This is project Phase One, Phase Two – happens early September. So lets talk Scandinavian style.

I know I’ve gone on and on about rejecting the whole Scandi vibe. I must admit I’m not a fan of the whole white walls, blonde wood, super sleek minimalist look that’s been doing the rounds for what feels like forever now. But rather than being too negative I thought I’d devote today’s post to celebrating the bits of Scandi style that still work for me.

First up what the Scandis nail like nobody else is the restrained colour palette. This trick is the fastest way to pull together a room and make it all cohesive and sophisticated. OK so I’m more likely to lean towards a dark and inky palette rather than monochrome, but the principle is the same! My twist would be that restricting the colour palette gives you free reign to mix and match anything and everything for a cool eclectic feel without looking too crazy.

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Back when the rest of us were installing yuck wall-to-wall carpets (biggest mistake of the 80’s if you ask me!), the Scandis were miles ahead with rugs skimming wooden floors. Right up my street, because carpets are banned in my house and it’s rugs everywhere. I reckon it works best when they’re super textural, thick and luxurious. Layer them up on textured wood and concrete or glossy painted floorboards for the perfect contrast. Throw in some super cool modern photography (I’m a big fan of Swedish prints LoveWarriors), and oodles of natural texture with house plants and rustic woods, and you’ve nailed it. Definitely the Scandi style elements worth keeping!

And finally there’s the biggest Scandinavian design mammoth there is: IKEA. While you definitely can’t kit out a room top to toe in IKEA it’s still the number one go-to spot for cheap design elements. Mix the odd IKEA piece into a cool room and suddenly magic happens. Don’t believe me? See if you can spot the IKEA pieces in these pics…


All of these are IKEA, believe it or not! A couple of the pictures are from my own pad, I’m a massive fan of their floating shelves or wall consoles painted out to match the wall. The last two pics are from Ilse Crawford’s new collection for IKEA. It’s out in stores this month and I’ve already got the longest wish list – loving all the dark cork she’s used.

Speaking of Scandi style, I’ll be having the uber talented stylist Marie Olsson Nylander on the blog tomorrow for a Q&A. She’ll be talking about her styling inspirations, the next big project she’s tackling in her stunning Swedish pad, and how to make a room give you goosebumps. See you then!