Morning, hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Ours was a bit of a working one but also a tweaking the house one. Re-wiring some stuff, touching up paint work that kind of thing. We have now relocated the Design School into my studio so there were a few finishing touches that needed doing before we can  open the doors and start teaching! Talking of which September’s class is fully booked so there are only two remaining classes until Christmas (yikes) can’t even get my head around that!

We’ve got a cooler week this week in London, secretly but tell no one I am rather glad! I’m a bit over the heat. That is not to say that I don’t love summer I do and almost every meal  is taken outside on the terrace, apart from breakfast which is eaten at my desk or perched on a bar stool in the kitchen answering emails! I thought it would be fun to do a round up of some of the coolest ideas for outdoor spaces, being peak summer over here. Having said that I try to use mine through out the year spring, autumn even winter unless its bucketing it down. It helps obviously having a BGE as food tastes so much nicer on it, however I find that when you create outdoor rooms you’ll want any old excuse to get out there.

On the slide show are some super cool ways to take your outdoor space to the next level!

Add rugs

I am addicted to Moroccan rugs and if I had enough of ones like those on the slide show I would be doing this every weekend!

Movie nights

All you need is a white sheet and a projector. Love, love love this idea

Decorate with a hodge podge of furniture

Garden furniture in most cases sucks! Maybe I am exaggerating but it feels so far behind, so often times I find myself  putting indoor furniture outdoors.

Create a canopy through foliage

You may not have a tree as large as the one on the slide show but you can easily create something similar with a bit of wire stretched across the garden where you can grow jasmine or any climber for that matter. I’ve got mile a minute growing along mine, a plant that gets the worse wrap ever but I’m addicted . It’s super country esq has beautiful little white flowers in summer, grows like crazy and hides the neighbours monstrosity out back. Perfect plant for me!