I’m a little obsessed with seating arrangements – particularly relaxed, inviting ones – the epitome of causal chic I think. I go out of my way to create a ‘gather round and yabber all night’ feel. That said you can go many different ways with them from formal to fun.

If you’re going formal the easiest way to pull off the look is with two chairs facing the sofa, parallel to each other with a small (preferably circular table to break up all those straight lines) in between. It will instantly feel balanced, beautiful and sophisticated.

If you fancy a laid back vibe then plump for an L-shaped sectional – instant cool. Vary your seating options by mixing low and loungy with something a little more upright. Remember it’s all about balance – a massive sectional next to a tiny tiny chair will feel lopsided and off key.

If you have a large open plan space do what the Americans do so well and place sofas and chairs back to back. Soften the corners with plants, occasional tables, and floor standing lamps. Nice!

Make sure sofas and chairs are flanked with little tables for plopping down drinks, books, TV remotes. Always, repeat always have a lamp on the table it adds such a beautiful glow. Round tables (of which I am the hugest fan) always look and feel friendly and relaxed, square and rectangular pieces feel orderly – choose your vibe!

Don’t forget rugs to ground the area and make it feel cosy and inclusive. Be conscious of the flow – sofas and chairs banked against walls don’t feel cosy. Empty walls can be styled up with consoles and tables. The plan is to create this feeling/sense that you’re being ushered into the most beautiful of spaces.

And there you have it!