I’d like to showcase a few of the coolest living rooms on the planet – what’s more, they’re living rooms I’ve had the big pleasure and honour of visiting in person, while I was shooting for my books. There’s a lot to say about living rooms, as these spaces are such an integral room for relaxing, entertaining, working, TV-binge watching, you name it. They need to be able to work all these roles seamlessly. They’re also usually the most public spaces in our homes so we want them to be jaw-on-the-floor cool and stylish to make all our friends jealous, right? Here’s tons of inspiration to help you do just that, as well as my top three tips for getting living rooms right:


Average size rooms need at least 8 lamps in them – for large open plan spaces, double that. To freak you out I have over 20 in my lower ground floor. Lighting is soooooo important in living rooms – down lights do not create the intimate atmosphere conducive to snuggling and yabbering, entertaining and movie watching – table lamps do. Overdose on them I say.


If any of your guys have ever come to my Design School you would have heard me banging on about layers. In a nutshell, the more layers the more intrigue it creates in a space. Utilise every space. Benches under windows, little tables in alcoves, consoles along the walls – not only does that make for a good use of space it adds those all important layers.


Add some leggy pieces. If your chairs and sofas are quite low or boxy looking then it’s super important to add some leggy pieces, as it creates the illusion of more space. Conversely if everything is too leggy – you might feel like you’re living in a spider’s web so bottom line some legs are good too many legs are bad it’s the mix that you’re after. Make sense?

There you have it – living rooms, need lights, layers and legs. Simple no?