Anyone that comes to my Design Masterclasses will know that I go on and on about how focal points are key to creating cool spaces. Most people will tell you to create one statement feature in a room – I’m here to tell you to create three. With one there is nothing to draw the eye around the rest of the room after you’ve clocked the first “wow” piece, so it feels a bit flat and like a bit of a let down to me.

Here are three easy focal points you can, nay, should introduce to your living rooms. All beautiful, stylish, easy to create and so so much cooler than structuring your room around the TV…

Hudson Black interiors

Mantle pieces are natural architectural statement pieces, so play it up. Plop something big above it like a mirror or piece of art and then use that colour way to dictate the layers below. Think three dimensionally so cluster objects together, intersect, criss cross and butt over and aim for a mix of heights to keep the eye moving and interested. Oh and if you want to take it one step further fill the fireplaces with foliage or logs. Beautiful!


I love to use dressers and consoles in a lounge. They give you another opportunity to go bold with art, plants and accessories in a vignette. Plus they provide heaps of hidden storage for all those things you don’t want out on display. Layer up your cabinet and dresser with the biggest piece – say a piece of art or giant lamp – and then work forward. Think about a mixture of textures (shiny, matte, rough, smooth) and of course that mix of heights.


Bar carts add instant focal interest. Make it a curated collection with a lamp, perhaps a plant or bunch of blooms and the prettiest edit of your boozy bottles. Group together on a tray for more impact and add something further unexpected like a cool stack of your cocktail recipe books, a candle or even sculpture to take it to the next level. Oh and to make the bar cart feel even cooler, paint the wall behind (dark obviously) because as we all know everything looks cooler against a moody hue!