Last year I wrapped up the blog in December by sharing some round-ups of the coolest and most inspiring interiors that I’d spotted over the year. I loved it so much (and hopefully you guys did too!) that I wanted to make it a bit of a tradition. I know for a fact that we have some of the stylish readers on the planet over here, so I want this to be able to be a little design forum where we can all get together to be inspired and drool over the most fabulous spaces.

So, without further ado let me show you my 15 favourite hallways I’ve spotted this year. As these are the entranceway to our homes, it seemed a good place to start! They’re a bit of a diverse bunch these lot, from as far and wide as South Africa, Paris, Brooklyn and Gem’s pad in little old Leigh-on-Sea. (Let’s play a little game of spot the Ahern hallway – see if you can guess which hallway is Gem’s and I’ll reveal all in the next post!). There’s a whole mish mash of styles, eras and architecture to get you thinking.

What all of these hallways have in common is going BIG with colour (natch) and a bold, ballsy attitude. I love this in interiors in general but particularly hallways. I think they’re way too often overlooked, which is criminal in my book. They’re the very first impression people get of your pad, so really go for it! They should be so much more than just passing through spaces or dumping grounds for clutter – this is your chance to show off your personality and style in spades. The spaces above do this with amazing art walls and incredible hues like deep bruised mulberry and inky black. What’s really got me intrigued is the heaps of texture – from exposed brick and burnt wood to giant canvases and glossy marble. It’s got me wondering if I need an update, to be honest.

I’ll be working through every room in the house over the next few weeks, so I’d love help from you guys. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places these days. I’ve been in the biz for donkeys years and it used to be that huge coffee table tomes or the Elle Decors and World of Interiors were the only go-to for interiors addicts. Now of course it’s not just about the glossy magazines, but the whole internet is out there for moodboard inspiration, particularly instagram and pinterest. So please share if you’ve seen any amazing kitchens, living rooms you’ve been obsessing over or a bathroom you can’t get out of your head (it can’t just be me, right?). Thanks!

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