I’m writing this at break neck speed since its just past 6am and I should be in the store by now – walking through, checking, vm-ing yadda yadda yadda. It was  a bad night, the M’s were taking up so much room – ie sleeping horizontally that I had the worst night and couldn’t get out of bed. So without further rambling on my side lets get down to this mornings post.

I know we are fully ensconced in Autumn right now, very soon to jump into winter. Normally the darker days would send me into a bit of doom and gloom, but this year more than ever before I am totally loving it. Not sure what’s made the change – perhaps having more lighting outside? The dark evenings are looking amazing in our garden right now. I could stare it at forever! Or maybe it’s the excuse for lighting the fires and snuggling down into the sofa for a lazy evening. Whatever the magic is, I’ve fully embraced the new season. I want to bring it into every room of the house, but I’ve been particularly focused on ramping up the dining area. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


I’ve embraced this season with an abundance of fruit. They make the most beautiful table centrepieces in my opinion – apples, pomegranates, tangerines, figs and grapes, not forgetting quince from my tree. I’m putting them on platters on the kitchen island and heaped in bowls on the table. Beautiful. I’ve also clustered pinecones in little dishes with t-lights nearby – very seasonally appropriate no?



I’ve gone wreath crazy this season and got Gem creating the most magical succulently type ones, which I put on chimney breasts and decorate with twinkling little fairy lights. I’ve ordered more from her too – one to go outside on the cabin and another for the front door. Apparently I’m on a wait list behind a zillion others – no perks being the boss obviously.

PS: We’ve had crazy demand for Gemma’s wreath workshops, so they’re now all sold out I’m afraid. BUT there will be wreaths available to buy in our Islington store and also Abigail Ahern Flowers at Heal’s. They’re in store only, not available online, so be sure to pay us a visit!

New_Store_003_0044retouch copy

And the final touch to my dining room – I’ve draped throws and sheepskins over chairs and piled into baskets for emergency cosy requirements! Maud in particular is very happy with these updates…


And that’s it. Simple, no?