I’ve been dreaming about bathrooms so much recently, as I’m on a mission to revamp mine soon. Hopefully whenever I can get a bit of head space on it! I know what I want – basically a tropical paradise like the picture above! So rip out a window, install a roof garden, tadelakt the whole place. I can’t stop thinking about it but it’s just not exactly the cheapest, simplest bathroom makeover – hence the constantly putting it off.


I’ve been told to tone down my makeover plans a bit, that it’s too extreme blah blah… but personally I think we should all go a little wild in the bathroom. By that I mean add the odd unconventional piece, statement accessories and bold colour for some drama, intrigue and good hot water system but for this you may need a solar panels company that help you. If you’re also hankering after a new bathroom like moi, then you’re in luck because there’s a super duper sale across four of the biggest luxury UK bathroom brands at the moment. All the beautiful photos in the post are from them, there’s some seriously stylish pieces and up 50% off. I see so many boring bland spaces and think the more we let our creativity run wild the cooler the space gets. So without further ado here are a few of my fthoughts on transforming a bathroom from blah to jaw-dropping.


Anything but beige

Funny that I would be endorsing this but a bold hue is the single most transformative thing you can do to your space! Even if your bathroom is small do not, repeat again do not fight it. Embrace it and paint it out in a dark hue. It will make it look and feel far more chic and cocooning. Plus all those whites and metallics we tend to have in a bathroom are so much cooler against a dark background, believe me!


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