This month we’re focusing on details – all the small stuff that turns rooms around. There’ll be tons on that throughout the month. For today’s post I wanted to concentrate on the really little changes. Although we all like a mega project every now and again (top of my hit list at the mo are my bedroom and bathroom) no one really has the energy to constantly be overhauling your pad top to bottom. Sometimes it’s the simplest little switches that get the best results! You know, the stuff that you can implement on a lazy Sunday afternoon – quick, satisfying, high impact and low cost. Good no?



Flick through many magazines and you’ll see quite a lot of unforgettable unremarkable spaces. Why? Answer is quite simply everything is more or less the same size. To knock your interior out of the park ramp up the scale. I’m not talking about going out and buying the most expensive supersized chandelier on the planet. Even one oversized item will immediately elevate your whole space.

Check out the giant vessel above – add a branch or large faux botanical and wham! Instant statement piece. Or try putting a side lamp on top of a heap of books to boost it’s height, take your largest house plant off the floor and plop it on to a console, or hang a large print over a small table. The results are always chic and dramatic.

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