Pop Sugar recently ran a feature on questions to ask before buying big-ticket items, you can read the feature here. Whilst all of that makes total sense I want to add a tip that has stood me in pretty good stead over the years and that is buy from your heart. Yes by all means drill down into your specific needs, figure out your budget, work out if it fits with your style but honestly this whole house has evolved because I’ve done exactly the opposite. This sounds odd I know but it ties in perfectly with yesterday’s colour post about buying from the heart. I believe the more we think and fret and procrastinate and search out alternatives the weaker the scheme in my opinion.

Get this I barely ever measure or think will it go with blah and blah. I don’t search out alternatives if I see something I love, I nab. Some examples we took stock of a life-size camel sculpture that barely could fit through the door in the store and when he did he took out all the shelves so customers couldn’t see (worse buy) anything! Or once at a nursery I happened upon a huge old olive tree that the nursery wanted to get rid of so were selling it cheaply and I just had to have. It wouldn’t fit through either door and in the end had to come in through the window and have some branches cut off.Or a chair that I thought would be perfect for the lower ground floor only to move it to every other corner of the house (it now resides in the bedroom)! So yes there is a lot to be said for not rushing in, and you can do that when the pieces aren’t vintage or one off artists pieces but I have to say there is even more to be said for following your heart not your head.

You can over analyse stuff until the cows come home but and this is a fact even science says you are better off making intuitive snap decisions in many areas of your life than thinking about it too much. And hey I never intended this house to look like it does its sort of evolved and been shaped by me making snap decisions on the big stuff and I don’t regret it one bit.

Before I whiz to the pool I have a question. I am thinking of introducing a House Crush column on the blog where you guys can send in pictures of your pad and I can highlight. I used to do this on a forum and it was very successful plus I keep receiving all these comments with all the cool stuff you are doing to your houses and I so want to see. So what do you think. Good idea or no?